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AutoStore: time saving and space effective

In January 2019 Versteijnen Logistics opened an AutoStore, a kind of automated storage in which orders are picked by robots instead of humans. Last year the capacity of the warehouse was already doubled. Improvement Engineer Dirk Luijten tells more about AutoStore and the advantages of an automated warehouse.   A cube with robots  An AutoStore, perhaps you have never heard of one. Yet this kind of automated warehouse already exists for several years.... read more →

Versteijnen Logistics Hungary: expeditious for 25 years

Versteijnen Logistics in The Netherlands is not the only company celebrating an anniversary this year, we established our company in Hungary 25 years ago. General manager Sándor Voller has been involved since 2009 and elaborates on the growth of Versteijnen in Hungary. Szombathely 1994 Philips was the main reason Versteijnen Logistics opened an establishment in Hungary. Sándor: “Philips owned a... read more →

A star in sustainability

Being sustainable while operating in the logistics sector: a huge task with many challenges! There are different programs in which you can participate as a logistics provider. We, for example, already achieved our ISO40001 certificate. A certificate for waste reduction and environmental awareness. In the past five years we worked on our CO2-reduction programme Lean & Green. The target? A... read more →

Devoted to trucks

In 1975 the four brothers, Gerard, Egbert, Wim, and Ad, took over Versteijnen Logistics from their father. During their administration, the company grew to be a progressive, international logistics company. The company started by providing all sorts of services, including moving. In due time the company grew into a business which employs well over 300 people and runs an office... read more →

Tricorp at Versteijnen: up- and downscaling

For over five years Tricorp, producer of work clothing in the broadest sense, and Versteijnen logistics have been working together intensively. A few years ago, Tricorp was looking for new logistical housing. And thus Ruud Kuijpers, financial director of Tricorp, reached out to Versteijnen Logistics. Dress code Tricorp delivers textile products to its customers. These products are bought mostly from... read more →

Partners for the long run

Tree nursery Udenhout, known as Boomkwekerij Udenhout in The Netherlands, is a family business with well over 130 years of history and experience. In due time the company developed itself as one of the leading nurseries of the Netherlands. The nursery, which is located in Udenhout, exists of 170 acres of land on which avenue trees, park trees, solitary trees... read more →

René Vermeer: always on the move

One of the family, that’s what you can call René Vermeer, after 40 years of loyal service to Versteijnen Logistics. In 1981, he ended up as co-rider at the transport company through vocational training. He is now working with the third generation of Versteijnen. 1981 René started with three days of working and two days of school, after which he... read more →

Rijverboden 2019

Klik op de link hieronder om het overzicht te downloaden. Rijverboden 2019

Managing more than 1 million spare parts

Parts Logistics is one of the most complex disciplines within our sector. Many organisations prefer to manage this component themselves. After all, delivering a spare part is always a matter of urgency, and one with no room for error. And yet, one global player in the spare parts business has chosen Versteijnen, convinced by our record of operational excellence. They... read more →

The logistics force behind a listed solar company

Our listed solar company produces, distributes and installs solar panels. Since its European launch in 2007, Versteijnen has been the company’s European Distribution Centre (EDC). An average quarterly volume of several thousands of shipments is now distributed throughout Europe via Tilburg, either directly or – in most cases – via a local distribution centre (DC). But Versteijnen provides its client... read more →