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We are Versteijnen.

We are as large and flexible as you need us to be.

The road ahead may be unknown, but you’re not alone. Whether you need centralized logistics, scalable storage, order picking or transportation, Versteijnen Logistics has got you covered in all shapes and sizes. So try new things. Explore new territories. Far away or near home. With Versteijnen, your door to Europe is wide open.


Versteijnen. The plus in your logistics+

European Distribution Campus

You know your business best and what is needed to move forward. We know our way around Europe and what has to happen to deliver your goods fast and securely to their destination. Whether you need to store or move goods in all shapes and sizes by truck, train or plane, Versteijnen has got you covered with specialization in:

  • Germany
  • France
  • Austria
  • The Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Luxembourg

Versteijnen at your service

Versteijnen has the space and services you need to anticipate on the road ahead. Like you we are flexible and never afraid to innovate and anticipate. Transparency in traceability is just one example of how we bring our businesses together.

Our real time transport visibility tools give you 24/7 insights on your stock, where your goods are stored or exactly when it will arrive on their destination.

With Versteijnen, you are always in control over the here and now, with the certainty to be able to scale up whenever your situation requires it.

Our services