AutoStore: time saving and space effective

In January 2019 Versteijnen Logistics opened an AutoStore, a kind of automated storage in which orders are picked by robots instead of humans. Last year the capacity of the warehouse was already doubled. Improvement Engineer Dirk Luijten tells more about AutoStore and the advantages of an automated warehouse.   A cube with robots  An AutoStore, perhaps you have never heard of one. Yet this kind of automated warehouse already exists for several years.... read more →

Versteijnen Logistics Hungary: expeditious for 25 years

Versteijnen Logistics in The Netherlands is not the only company celebrating an anniversary this year, we established our company in Hungary 25 years ago. General manager Sándor Voller has been involved since 2009 and elaborates on the growth of Versteijnen in Hungary. Szombathely 1994 Philips was the main reason Versteijnen Logistics opened an establishment in Hungary. Sándor: “Philips owned a... read more →

A star in sustainability

Being sustainable while operating in the logistics sector: a huge task with many challenges! There are different programs in which you can participate as a logistics provider. We, for example, already achieved our ISO40001 certificate. A certificate for waste reduction and environmental awareness. In the past five years we worked on our CO2-reduction programme Lean & Green. The target? A... read more →