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17 March 2022

"Versteijnen has always been part of the forefront of our sector"

Innovation plays an important role at Versteijnen Logistics. Coincidence? Quite the opposite. According to Anton Voskuil, innovation is at the heart of corporate philosophy. As operational director, Anton is involved with all sorts of development within Versteijnen. One of the most recent ones: the robotization of the warehouse by installing an autostore. “This is uncommon for distribution companies our size.’’

The world seemed to pause during the initial phase of the covid pandemic. Meanwhile at Versteijnen, various projects were completed. In 2021, a new warehouse was completed and the autostore robot system was increased: from 20,000 storage bins to 40,000 storage bins, now with 38 robots. According to Anton, this growth and aligns perfectly with the philosophy of Versteijnen. ”We’ve been around for over 75 years. All these years we’ve been part of the forefront in our sector”, says Anton. “For example, in the past we were one of the first distribution companies to make use of air suspension in our trucks. These days, we actively implement innovative solutions by investing in robots, for instance.”


Another priority at Versteijnen is connectivity. ”When it comes to this subject matter, we’re at the forefront. ‘Connectivity’ basically means that we try to share the order data with our clients as much as possible. We do so by equipping our trucks with the latest software.”

Both clients and private individuals benefit greatly from this software. ”We want to get to the point where customers immediately know when orders are delayed, because the driver is stuck in traffic for example. In the distribution sector, this kind of software is already available for full truckloads: trucks with just one unloading address. At Versteijnen, we transport truckloads with different unloading addresses in one trailer. This type of shared distribution is still in full development. Therefore, it’s not widely used in the distribution industry yet, though we try to stay at the forefront.”

Feel free to grow

Why is Versteijnen this invested in such innovative projects? According to Anton, the answer is simple. “We’re very practical. If a client approaches us with a challenge, we’re keen to solve it. We skip the lengthy, tiring corporate trajectories and instead tackle the challenge and get the job done. This approach signals our active attitude and shows our willingness to go above and beyond. A method that matches perfectly with our motto: feel free to grow.”