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5 February 2024

Versteijnen: a trusted partner in efficient transport for Thermaflex

Thermaflex Insulation B.V. is a leading manufacturer of sustainable pre-insulated polybutylene pipes, ideal for urban heating, cooling, drinking water solutions, and heat pump connections. They serve installers and wholesalers with high-quality products and also play a role in network renovations. Versteijnen handles a significant portion of the transport for Thermaflex, with a focus on customers in Germany and France.

International Transport

Edwin Tausch, Supply Chain Manager at Thermaflex International, explains the process: “On day A, we notify the transport, and on day B, Versteijnen comes to pick up all orders for France and Germany. A coupled trailer is ready at our dock, which we load with our products. At the end of the day, Versteijnen picks it up and takes over the entire transport process from that point. Versteijnen then performs further sorting based on postal code areas in their transshipment point. They then reload their trucks with all received goods and our orders, delivering them on day C, D, or E based on the postal code area in Germany or France.”

Less Than Truckload

This system benefits Thermaflex as they can fill the coupled trailer directly, and the orders are off the floor. “Once our products are in the trailer, we are relieved. Versteijnen takes over from there. Here we are talking about LTL shipments, which stands for Less Than Truckload (LTL).” This integrated process not only provides convenience and efficiency for Thermaflex but also ensures that the products reach their destination safely and in an organized manner, with Versteijnen playing a crucial role in the smooth flow of the transport process.

Accurate Delivery Dates

For each postal code area, Thermaflex has a specific lead time, a transport time provided by Versteijnen. “This duration is crucial for us because it allows us to provide clarity to our customers about what to expect,” says Edwin. “This is particularly important in France, where we not only deliver to fixed business locations but also to construction sites. Our products are often integrated into the network of a construction project first. That’s where the transport time comes into play; the delivery date must be accurately coordinated because there is not always someone permanently present at the construction site. In this area, we are truly relieved because we can rely on the streamlined processes and clear delivery dates that Versteijnen provides.”

A Deep-rooted Partnership

The collaboration between Versteijnen and Thermaflex spans over forty years. According to Edwin, it is a deep-rooted partnership that is crucial for them, given the long shared history. “In four decades, a lot happens, but Versteijnen has always been there to support us, even in the tougher times we have experienced. There is mutual understanding between Versteijnen, Thermaflex, and our products, based on trust built over all those years. Communication runs smoothly, especially because a long-term partnership allows us to discuss things openly with each other.”

What makes the collaboration extra valuable, according to Edwin, is that both companies continue to learn from each other. “We keep Versteijnen informed about changes in our products and processes, while at the same time, we learn from the developments in the transport landscape that Versteijnen brings. This not only makes the collaboration enjoyable but also effective. It is a trusted, long-lasting relationship where we look for solutions together,” says Edwin.