Aug 22

Managing more than 1 million spare parts

Parts Logistics is one of the most complex disciplines within our sector.
Many organisations prefer to manage this component themselves. After all, delivering a spare part is always a matter of urgency, and one with no room for error.

And yet, one global player in the spare parts business has chosen Versteijnen, convinced by our record of operational excellence.
They have charged us with managing the logistics for more than a million parts for consumer and medical industry electronics.
In urgent cases, those parts will have to be at their destination in under two or three hours – no matter the day, date or time.
This will mean either going directly to the delivery address or delivery via one of Europe’s 200 Strategic Stock Locations (SSLs).
Once we’ve received the automatic notification that a shipment has been transferred from an SSL, we know the stock will be replenished within 12 hours.

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