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27 July 2023

Versteijnen: A Valuable Transport Partner for Insulation Solutions

nsulation Solutions is a company specialized in transforming insulation products. With three business units focusing on roofing and facade technology, technical insulation, and finishing, Insulation Solutions offers a diverse range of products and services. Versteijnen plays an essential role as a transport partner for Insulation Solutions.

Key Player

Insulation Solutions is a significant player in the insulation transformation industry. Marcel Verboven, Operations Manager at Insulation Solutions, explains: “Insulation Solutions purchases insulation and performs various processes, such as gluing, custom cutting, applying foil or glass fleece, and sealing the insulation in plastic bags. This fulfills the needs that insulation producers cannot meet.” The company primarily serves business units, technical insulation, finishing, as well as roofing and facade technology.

Efficient Transport

As one of the main carriers, Versteijnen ensures that goods are delivered on time and efficiently. They play a crucial role in transporting goods for the company. Marcel says: “We notify the shipments before 12:00 noon, and during the day, we load the trucks with the ordered goods, which Versteijnen then takes over and delivers to the end customer.” With Versteijnen’s ability to equip trucks with a tail lift, we can unload at precisely the right location of a project.

LTL Orders

Versteijnen is primarily responsible for the transportation of Less Than Truckload (LTL) orders, consisting of large bags of insulation or pallet shipments. “They drop trailers at our dock, which we load during the day,” continues Marcel. “Throughout the day, these trailers are exchanged for empty ones. Versteijnen seamlessly adapts to our setup, ensuring that our floor space remains free and can be utilized for production activities. Subsequently, they transport the goods to their warehouse, where they are distributed to various destinations.”

A Solid Partnership

The relationship between Versteijnen and Insulation Solutions dates back a long time and is based on a solid partnership. The collaboration between Versteijnen and Insulation Solutions holds great potential for further growth and development. Marcel states: “There are always situations where we’d like to see improvements, but what’s most important is that solutions are provided, and there’s constant consideration of how we can work smarter and better together. Versteijnen actively contributes to this.” “Versteijnen is a family business, and you can see that the people there are engaged. I appreciate Versteijnen’s dedication to quality customer contacts and partner relations. In this industry, that is of great importance.”