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20 May 2021

Tricorp at Versteijnen: up- and downscaling

For over five years Tricorp, producer of work clothing in the broadest sense, and Versteijnen logistics have been working together intensively. A few years ago, Tricorp was looking for new logistical housing. And thus Ruud Kuijpers, financial director of Tricorp, reached out to Versteijnen Logistics.

Dress code

Tricorp delivers textile products to its customers. These products are bought mostly from Asian suppliers. Ruud: “Our customers are companies’ who sell work clothes. They add their own logo and stitching to these clothing items. The clothing that we offer ranges from casual to working outfits, and we can supply anyone in any field.”

The Dutch market

Currently Tricorp employs well over 60 people, with its largest sales area being The Netherlands. Ruud: “We also deliver in countries such as Belgium, Germany and recently Switzerland. We certainly have European ambitions, but The Netherlands remains our biggest market for now. We want to accomplish even more between our borders.”

Assessment skills

At first the logistical process was taken care of by Tricorp itself, meaning they had to rent several warehouses. Ruud: “The challenge of doing one’s own logistical work, is that upon renting a warehouse you never know whether it is too large or too small. With this in mind we explored our options for outsourcing. We started cooperating with Versteijnen Logistics, and had (and still have) the most confidence in them being the right partner for us.”


Versteijnen Logistics takes care of the full logistical process of Tricorp. The products of Tricorp arrive in the harbour of Rotterdam, after which they are  delivered directly to Versteijnen Logistics. Ruud: “The issue of our warehouse is based on the daily sales; we control the issue through an interface. A robotics system picks the orders, after which these are scanned, packed and prepared for transport by our order pickers.”

With loads of expertise

Ruud is very pleased with the cooperation with Versteijnen: “They are a reliable partner with loads of expertise. The possibility to up- or downscale our storage at a moment’s notice is a very important factor in our cooperation. Because up- and downscaling leads to insecurity, the main goal is to unburden our employees. This works well within the working arrangement we have with Versteijnen Logistics.”