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4 May 2021

Tree nursery Udenhout

, known as Boomkwekerij Udenhout in The Netherlands, is a family business with well over 130 years of history and experience. In due time the company developed itself as one of the leading nurseries of the Netherlands. The nursery, which is located in Udenhout, exists of 170 acres of land on which avenue trees, park trees, solitary trees and multi-stemmed trees are grown. The company also buys trees and shrubs from suppliers to make sure all the municipalities, landscape architects and greeneries get their orders according to their wishes. The company is divided logistically in such a way that a complete set of trees and shrubs can be delivered at customers’ demand, at any place and any time. Because of this a reliable, logistical partner such as Versteijnen is vital.

Complete kit

Boomkwekerij Udenhout serves customers throughout The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Sweden, and the UK. Not only in term of execution and management, but also in terms of design and furnishing. Martin Houben, CEO of Boomkwekerij Udenhout, says: “We deliver a complete kit to costumers such as municipalities and landscape architects. This includes the plants and trees we grow ourselves, but also the goods we buy from third parties. Because of this we can always deliver a complete set of trees, shrubs and other plants on demand.”

Taken care of

It is of the utmost importance for Boomkwekerij Udenhout that the logistics are taken care of in the best manner. Martin: “We greatly benefit from having a partner who is capable of living up to agreements and our expectations. Besides that, experience in terms of loading and unloading trees is a huge plus.” As such 20 years ago Boomkwekerij Udenhout reached out to Versteijnen Logistics. Martin: “It all started with the father of Jorn, when we were expanding our services into France.”

Delivery reliability

The most important factor for Boomkwekerij Udenhout is delivery reliability. Bas van der Sterren, logistics planner: ‘’We want to make sure that our clients as well as the planters can start their work with the right amount of trees, shrubberies and high quality plants. Our logistical partner must be at the nursery early in the morning and leave on time to make sure they deliver as scheduled. ”For this task Versteijnen Logistics uses experienced drivers who know how to handle plants on a daily basis.


The drivers of Versteijnen Logistics leave their curtain-sided trailers at the nursery, after which the staff of Boomkwekerij Udenhout loads the trailer in the proper way. Bas: “We load the trailer and leave it on the parking lot. The drivers of Versteijnen will pick it up in the morning and deliver it to our customers. Specifically for the use of curtain-sided trailers we bring in Versteijnen logistics.”

A set driver

The pros of working with Versteijnen are very clear to Martin: “A reliable delivery because of good agreements and a clear communication are definitely the big plus for me. We use set drivers from Versteijnen who deliver in France and the Benelux. They know exactly what to do and this creates trust, with us as well as our clients.” This makes sense considering they are transporting trees of substantial size. Martin: “Versteijnen logistics is our partner for the long run.”