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31 August 2023

Logistic Solutions for Swift Deliveries

Santino, based in Hapert, has been active in the outerwear industry for 30 years. The parent company, Vespo, boasts over 60 years of experience. Originally starting as a small shop in Eindhoven, it has now evolved into a successful wholesale business. The company specializes in casual workwear, offering a wide range of outerwear.

Unique Products and Customization Options

Santino provides a diverse range of high-quality outerwear in the Benelux and Germany. The assortment includes t-shirts, polo shirts, sweaters, work vests, shirts, and jackets. In addition to the standard collection, the Custom Choice department handles tailor-made items, accommodating special customer requests such as customized colors, buttons, or logos. These items are manufactured in various production countries and shipped to the Netherlands.

Comprehensive Outsourcing

For the past few years, Versteijnen has been managing all of Santino’s storage needs, including piece picking and inventory management. They also handle transportation for some clients. Operational Coordinator Puck van der Linde explains, “In essence, they manage our entire warehouse, which is fully outsourced to them. Previously, we had our own warehouse in Eindhoven. We held discussions with various transport and warehouse companies, and ultimately, we chose Versteijnen.”

Piece Picking

The choice was primarily due to Versteijnen’s ability to deliver to customers starting from a single item. “Not all companies can handle piece picking, which involves packing and shipping, for instance, just one shirt. Many companies can manage storage and send full pallets, but Versteijnen has an autostore system. This system features a large robot with various bins storing Santino’s items. The bins are brought to the order picker, who retrieves the items needed by the customer. This process is entirely automated. It greatly relieves our workload.”

Inbound and Outbound

Versteijnen manages both inbound and outbound shipments. Containers from the Far East are unloaded and stored at Versteijnen so they can be made available for shipment as quickly as possible. “Versteijnen is our partner for the complete logistics process. They oversee our entire inventory. We work closely together and have daily communication,” explains Lisanne Voss from the Supply Chain team. “If the container is delivered to them on Monday, I already have the goods ready to be shipped again by Wednesday. They are incredibly fast, which is very pleasant.” Versteijnen also handles clearances and the associated paperwork for shipments from Turkey. “They take care of that aspect for us, allowing us to pass on the benefit to our own customers,” adds Lisanne.

Close Collaboration

The close collaboration with Versteijnen is invaluable for Santino. Thanks to Versteijnen’s quick response times and flexibility, they can achieve a lot. Versteijnen supports Santino on all fronts. This close partnership enables Santino to offer fast delivery to customers, allowing orders to be placed until 3:00 PM. On the same day, their orders are dispatched.