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We create a world where distance is not an issue. Where products are exactly where they need to be and are on their way to their destination. That is our plus.

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What is Versteijnen?

Custom-made solutions for great challenges

Ever since 1947, we continually strive to shorten distances and create logistic and warehouse solutions. Where possible, we aim to provide custom-fit services.

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Individuals with team spirit

Having solved many complex logistic issues, our team of professionals is highly competent and experienced.

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Health and safety, environment & quality

We don’t consider health and safety, environment and quality to be difficult aspects of our business. However, we like to look at these as opportunities to distinguish ourselves. In fact, we always seize those opportunities with both hands.

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IT Services

Understanding the world of tomorrow, today

We are up to speed with today’s world and we use IT services to make sure we keep up with the world of tomorrow too.


Our Warehouse Management System provides us and you with real-time insight and control. 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week.


Our Transport Management System takes care of the ideal route and provides online track and traceability of all shipments.


We have our own team of specialists in-house to create and manage interfaces to guarantee a flexible and fast implementation.

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Smarter and more efficient

In a world where safety and trust are extremely important, we hold all relevant certificates, such as ISO9001, ISO14001, AEO and SQAS.

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